Shop Small in Indy This Saturday


In 2010, American Express presented the idea for Small Business Saturday. By the next year, many states came alongside with this idea and promoted it. With many small business boutiques in Indiana, I decided to make a spread of some of the deals in Indianapolis and beyond for all of your shopping needs.


Winter Essentials

Fashion, Photography

This post is revolved around two things:

Off-the-shoulder tops and Baublebar earrings. However, the two together make for an infallible combination especially when the cold weather comes around. The weather is bitter cold, and even inside a building, the rush of cold air still stings you when wearing a tank top, velvet mini dress. To combat this, the wonderful combination of statement earrings and off-the-shoulder tops has been introduced.

Black Friday Finds


Black Friday is one of my favorite shopping traditions. Years ago when majority of Black Friday was in-stores and started at midnight, I would make a list of things to buy from the Black Friday ads my family received in the mail. My mom and I would make a plan of action as to which stores we would go to in order. Black Friday made it possible for me to afford items I couldn’t otherwise afford.

My Tanzania Trip


This post has been a back thought for a few months now, and I thought today was the day I should finally write this post. These gorgeous pictures you are about to see is only a glimpse of what my eyes saw and only do the country’s beauty so much justice. But nonetheless, I thought I’d share a glimpse of the beauty of Tanzania, a country on the Eastern border of mid-Africa.

DSW Deals

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I’m a bit of a shoe addict so any time I can get a deal on a pair of shoes is the perfect time to buy a new pair. One of the best places to get amazing prices for designer shoes is DSW, and these past fall season I picked out a few new pairs for school and other special events. Below are a few pairs of shoes that I picked up from DSW with the links to each pair underneath the photos.

4 Outfits for 4 Days at Lollapalooza

Lifestyle, Photography

Lollapalooza is a mere three days away as I write this. Thank goodness I had my outfits prepared beforehand, but if you’re running behind on outfit ideas before the festival, don’t worry. That is what I’m here for. Make sure to glitter it up before you leave your room each day too, it makes the day a bit more festive for the music festival.

Making the Most of What You Have Pt. 1 Photography Version


My original beginning to this blog post sounded like a self-help book, but this is more so about how I do my own thing. I improvise with props, clothes, and lighting everywhere I go for photoshoots. I have used a professional lighting studio once in my life, not including my experiences as an intern. I use what I have as I do not have any expensive equipment or lighting. However, this year I have bought two soft boxes for the sake of practice. This post is dedicated to my experience with the lighting, and other makeshift photography aspects.

Adventures in New York Pt. 3


Here is the final day of my time in New York, and it was by far my favorite day of them all.

Our original flight out of New York was around midday, but when I found out that the fashion shows were actually scheduled for today and not yesterday, I had a decision to make. I was given the choice to either stay and take pictures at NYFW shows, or go back home early. I chose to stay, and after coffee at Starbucks, we were on our way to Gotham Hall.

Adventures in New York Pt.2


Here is part 2/day 2 of my great adventure:

To start our second day in New York, we went to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast. Then we went to Times Square. Here was my chance to call for a taxi, since I couldn’t when we landed at the airport the previous day. It was crazy trying to get a taxi, and when one stopped for us, it stopped in the middle of the lane. We rushed towards the taxi and quickly shoved ourselves into the taxi. I told him where we were going, and we were on our way.